New Year, New YOU!!

Having trouble keeping your New Year resolutions? With Sam McCauleys, we make it easier for you! Stop smoking and lose that stubborn weight for a Healthy New Year and a Healthy New You with Sam McCauleys support! 


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Slender Dream Slim&Go is a natural, effective and easy to use weight-loss supplement that boosts the body’s own ability to burn and bind fat, whilst at the same time increasing energy levels and suppressing appetite.
The secret to Slender Dream Slim & Go’s success lies in its unique formulation, featuring five of nature’s most powerful, proven fat binding & fat burning ingredients; chitosan, pomegranate, green tea, yerba mate and guarana.

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The Celebrity Starter pack contains everything you need to get started on the program. This includes:

• Celebrity Slim™ 7 day –Assorted pack (4xChocolate, 2xStrawberry, 2xCaramel, 2xCaffee Latte, 2xVanilla and 2xBanana Sachets) • Celebrity Slim™ Weight Loss Guide • Celebrity Slim™ Shaker • FREE Celebrity Slim™ Diet Diary•  2 FREE Celebrity Slim™ Soups – Beef Flavour & Roast Chicken

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The new supplement that supports your weight loss 24 hours a day

CLA 24/7 is a dietary supplement that can make it easier for you to get back your old figure. There are three active ingredients that support the body’s fat metabolism in a natural way. Daily use of this product in combination with exercise and a healthy diet may offer you the following advantages:
• Improved balance between fat and muscle

• Increased firmness
• Healthier waist-hip ratio
• Increased fat-reduction in critical zones like hips, thighs and stomach


Nekapa, the new slimming capsules, has amazing strength, lets the pounds drop off very easily, and gently reduces body fat.
How does Nekapa work?

The active ingredient in Nekapa, is a fibre derived from natural plant extract. It is released in the stomach and absorbs water to expand many times its original size. The result is thick, viscous, indigestible gel like substance that gives you a sense of fullness.

Exactly how does that work?

Once the pleasant sense of fullness is ensued, this reduces your appetite and curbs your hunger-pangs. As a result your intake of food is less (less calorie intake!). Nekapa also causes the food to leave the stomach slowly. This prolongs the sense of fullness.

How do I lose weight?

Because your calorie intake is reduced, you will start using your stored body fat to provide energy, hence you will start reducing body fat. But even better, because the fat is disappearing, the body tissues become firm again. You will lose inches and dress sizes!

Final thoughts…

Weight loss is more then a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle change and one that needs to be kept up in order to keep a healthy weight. Exercise is key to a healthier, happier you. Whether going for a 20 minute walk a day or joining the gym, you will soon feel and look amazing just in time for Summer. Talk to our pharmacists in Sam McCauley Chemist for more advice and information on diet supplements and our Stop Smoking Club. Finding like minded people who are trying to shape up will also help motivate you and keep you on the right track. You have our support!


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