Did You Know?…

Do you want to keep your skin looking healthy throughout the winter months? Do you want to banish the effects of central heating? 

We have a facial that will scrub away the top, dead layer of skin to reveal fresh new skin beneath, and did you know that by removing the dead layer of skin, your skin care products can penetrate up to 50% further down into your skin benefiting you even more!!

A highly controlled flow of medical grade crystals move over the skin of the face to remove dead skin cells, clear blocked pores, improve skin circulation and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. This highly effective treatment provides instant results of smoother, more radiant looking skin whilst the abrasion and vacuum suction stimulates the underlying epidermis to promote regeneration of collagen to improve resistance to the effects of ageing.

One treatment takes about an hour and the results can be seen instantly!! Contact our salons in Redmond Square (053 9122422), Waterford (051 860066) or Fairgreen, Carlow (059 9182082) now to book an appointment!!


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