Which Crescent Row STAR are you?

As said in Corks Evening Echo ‘You know Christmas is on it’s way when Benefit rock up with the cutest festive sets in the best packaging around!’ This years Glam set from Benefit is the 4 set fragrance, Crescent Row…These gorgeous scents each has a personality of their own! This set contains Laugh With Me Lee Lee, My Place Or Yours Gina, Garden of Good And Eva & Ring my Bella! So we ask….Which one are you!? 😉 

Ring My Bella
Fruity Floral -Sweetly Seductive

A poem to describe Bella…

She flutters & flounces, 
Lace, Satin & More,

Her spirit so sexy,
Bella’s shop you’ll adore,

Slip sweetly into 
a Lush Juicy Fling,

For a frill seeking time
”Go on and ring”.

Top notes include – Pink rose petals, soft lily, summer daisy.

Garden of Good & Eva
Citrus Floral – Crisp & Fresh

A poem to describe Eva…

Come away with Eva,
Breeze down a lush lane,

She’s the fresh lush of splendor,
You can’t quite explain. 

So vividly vibrant,
With a carefree demeanor,

She whirls off to a place,
”Where grasses are greener”. 

Top notes include – Pear, Watermelon, Ozone accords & Muguet.

Laugh With Me Lee Lee
Woody Floral – a light blend of citrus, jasmine & lily blossoms. A naturally light scent with a classic feminine style.

A poem to describe Lee Lee…

Her playful wink
And mischievous smile,

Her flirtatious side 
of her innocent style,

No thought or worry
Of what’s meant to be

First laughter, then love,
”…Along came Lee Lee”.

Top notes: cassis, melon, citrus.

My Place Or Yours Gina
Woody Oriental – an alluring affair of pink pepper, wild raspberry & patchouli. a seductively provocative scent with a “flaunt it if you’ve got it” attitude.

A poem to describe Gina…

Gina loves to seduce,
To tempt & flaunt,

And knows you should always,
get what you want.

So sinfully sexy,
Her allure in unjust,

But as they say
”All’s fair in Love & Lust”.. 😉

Top notes – Pink pepper, bergamot, tangerine

On our shelves in Sam McCauley Chemist Redmond Sq, Wexford, & Fairgreen Shopping Centre, Carlow, for €43!

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