The Worst Hair Day Stories You’ve Ever Heard…

Here at Sam McCauley’s, we’ve just run a competition to win the Remington Stylist Multi Styler! The entrant had to ‘Tell us your worst hair day story!’.  Now we knew there might be some bad ones out there, but the answers we got were beyond our imagination! 

We’ve received some excellent stories that deserve to be shared and these brave women recognized! A BIG thank you to all who entered and for those of you who weren’t so lucky this time, please stay tuned as we’re having more competitions VERY soon 😉 So, here we go……………………………………

The Winner – Hazel Rigazio:

‘I wore a long black hair pony tail extension for my wedding, at the church the end of my ponytail got caught in my bridesmaids button on her dress, I tried in vain to detach  it but ended up coming out of my head. My hair was sticking up on end and the vicar had to wait while my friend tried her best to fix it. It looked ok but not as perfect as the hairdresser had made it look.’

Georgina McNamara:

I remember putting curlers in my hair over night. I got up the following morning took out the curlers and my hair was perfect. Until i bent down to flick it and it got stuck in a fly catcher (the long sticky ones that hang from the ceiling) I had to cut it out of my hair. What a horrible memory to have. But at least i can laugh about it now. ha,ha. x’

Edel Farrell:

‘If you have ever watched Friends and the vacation to Barbados, you will know what i mean, every vacation I go on the humidity would turn my hair to frizz and makes it extremely big as I don’t want to be spending 40 mins under a hair dryer trying to smooth it out i have on a number of occasions nearly gotten braids in my hair but instead have suffered by just tying it up most of the time .Thank god I don’t live in a sunny country I wouldn’t be able to leave the house!’

Rochelle O’ Brien:

I had dyed my blonde hair brown and hated it. So i bought a bleach blonde colour from your good selves and tried to dye it back. I ended up looking like Kathy Burke from Gimme Gimme Gimmer. I had to go to Peter Marks in Kilkenny on a Sunday and spend my bill money to get it sorted! Never home dying again!’

Nicky Russell:

I let my gran Perm my hair… My mum told me she ‘used’ to be a hairdresser… I ended up looking like Margaret Thatcher… And found out Nan was actually a cleaner in a hairdressers.’

Please feel free to post any of your own ‘BAD HAIR DAY’ stories in the comment box below 🙂 

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