Maxfactor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tints: See What The Bloggers Had To Say…

Our 8 lovely, and REAL, very prolific bloggers of the Maxfactor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint had some great, and some not so great, things to say about this lip gloss! Read below and see what you think…

Joanne O’ Flynn – 
‘I was delighted to be picked to trial MaXfactor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint, as soon as it arrived I tried it on.  
  1. It went on so easy & the nibbed tipp helped define the edges of my lips, although it did tickle a little bit.  
  2. One of the 1st things I noticed was the smell, it smelled sweet and lovely, it doesn’t have that cosmetic smell that most lipsticks have. 
  3. The lip tint actually does what its says on the bottle, it LASTS. It stayed on for hours, even with eating and drinking. I did have to apply a second coat after eating as I thought it had faded slightly. I also wore a liner with with it but I think that’s out of habit more than anything.’
Katriona Murphy –
‘I must say I really liked it.  It had a nice smell.  I really liked the colour, it wasnt too dark for me. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the colour does last.  Im usually having to redo my lip gloss a few times when im out.  I put it on before I went out on Saturday night and I only touched it up once and I think that was more just of habit than the colour having faded.  I would definitely recommend this product.  I love when you get a product that actually does what it says on the packet.’

Niamh Barron – 
‘I normally use lip glosses so this was a new one for me. Although it gave great colour to my lips I didn’t like the feeling of it on as it made my lips very dry, unfortunately not for me.’

Jessica Ryan – 
‘I was eager to try the product as the advertisement made it look so easy to get a great effect. So when it arrived, I didn’t wait long enough to realise the clear plastic seal wasn’t clear plastic and was in fact where the writing was. To make it worse, the seal was so tight and hard to rip (perforated edges were no help) it took me ages to actually open it. 

Frustrated with the wrapping and having just noticed all the writing disappearing into the tiny confetti I’d been left with, a ferocious yank to take the rest of the plastic off meant I pulled the lid off too, and the inevitable brush of the marker on my hand left me with a plum coloured stain for the next few hours. When I finally stopped trying to wash the stain off, I attempted to put the colour on my lips. Knowing that this stuff stains meant I’d have to be careful with it, and try as I did, I was left looking like a clown for a few hours. 

Apparently I’m not so good at colouring in between the lines. I soon realised my attempts to remove the colour were futile, but I did manage to tone it down. I spent the next while practicing my colouring skills -well I couldn’t make it any worse, could I? Once 5/6 hours had passed, the colour was pretty much gone, so I reapplied. I was really happy with how the colour had turned out. It gave a very even finish which I liked. At the start though, the colour took a while to dry and I kept getting dribbles of it back into my mouth, but it actually tasted nice… 

All in all I’d rate the product an 8 out of ten. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a long lasting colour, with the tips about the packaging and need for careful application.’

Jessica McDonald –
‘I was sent the Maxfactor lipfinity lasting lip tint shade pink princess!
I found this product fantastic, I was not expecting it to be as good as it actually was.The tint is very easy to apply, you can decide how light or dark you wish the tint to be. Once the tint is applied that’s pretty much it for the day, even after eating and drinking throughout the day the tint was still visible only faded slightly. This product definitely does what its says – it lasts!!! 

The one negative point I would have is that its is quite dry, there is no gloss effect or shine to it so you would need to apply a clear gloss over the tint to really get the full impact of it. This product is a must have for ladies who want a long lasting shade for parties weddings what ever the event may be where they don’t want to be in the bathroom every 5mins re applying lip gloss! 
Brill product i would highly recommend it!’
Sinead Twomey – 
‘I tried Pink Princess colour Lip Tint. I must say that I loved this product. It was easy to apply and lasted a good few hours while applied. Lovely taste from it to. My only fault was that it dried too fast.. Would buy it again no problem.’
Amy Coakley –  
‘Thanks for giving me the opportunity  to try the Maxfactor Lipfinity Lip Tint.  I fount the lip tint had a lovely taste and I liked the colour, but I found it a bit dry.  I also found it didn’t last very long.  I personally prefer a gloss.’

Louise McNulty – 
‘I really like the Maxfactor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint. It lasts long and it is easy to apply and it drys in quickly so it doesn’t smudge. I wouldn’t usually put dark colours on my lips but the “Marshmallow” tint was really vibrant and stands out. I would highly recommend people to buy this product :)’

Maxfactor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint is in Sam McCauley Chemists for €9.99


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