The excitement of a breakthrough!

After I blogged about Lancome’s new amazing skincare product ‘Visionnaire’, which is on our shelves at Sam McCauley Chemists, I’m finding more and more articles being published about this ‘miracle’ cream! We’re even more excited to learn that The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, and Sister Pippa Middleton were one of the first women in Britain to try this product for themselves. Another famous lady to be associated with this legendary skincare is Harry Potter actress, Emma Watson! The ‘magic’ serum is in such high demand in Britain, there are month long waiting lists! 
‘The product containg LR2412 – a ‘unique multi-tasking “beauty” molecule – has sparked desire among customers seduced by research claiming that one in two women planning non-surgical procedures postponed them after trying Visionnaire.’ – Daily Mail.
Lancome insiders have called the customer reaction to the serum ‘staggering’. ‘No product has sold this fast before. The response has been astounding,’they said. ‘We have never had such an important technological breakthrough, and never had such incredible independant test results.’ 
‘It smashed all expectations!’
This really is an incredible product and could change the way you think about anti wrinkle and skin corrector creams forever. 
Lancome Visionnaire is on Sam McCauley Chemists shelves nationwide for €70.

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