Evolutionary Skincare – Visionnaire

After a 12 year research program, Lancome Paris has perfected the ultimate skin corrector – Visionnaire! Out with the botox and surgery techniques and in with the revolutionary anti wrinkle cream.

It all began…

‘Over a decade ago as Lancome scientists were looking for something very specific. They needed a molecule that targeted the superficial dermis (the thick mattress like layer that lies underneath the skins outer covering – epidermis) as this is the site of the skin driving skin renewal and regeneration. Typically, the ingrediants used in cosmetics are stopped in the outer barrier layer of the skin, unable to reach the highly active cells at the bottom of the epidermis.
                                        What was needed was not only a molecule that had major effect in the epidermis, but one that had the physical properties that would allow it to pass through the epidermis into the dermis.
                                       Jasmonic Acid was one of many compounds that Lancome investigated. It was of particular interest because it was known to be involved in repair and defence in a wide variety of plants. If a plant is damaged an instruction goes out not only to repair the damage, but to defend against further damage. Jasmonic Acid is the signalling molecule, the flag, that when it is raised, sets in train a repair and defence process. L’Oreal’s chemists looked at over 20 different spatial versions of Jasmomonic Acid molecules over a 10 yr period.

LR2412 was one of them!

LR 2412 has complementary effects in the various layers of the skin, but it does’nt change the barrier funtion of the skin.  Fibrillin is damaged by exposure to the sun and its loss is a marker of both UV damage and of premature ageing. In the testing, 19 subjects were subjected to a standard amount of UV lighting over a small skin area. This caused a mild sunburn sufficient to damage fibrillin. LR 2412 was applied. 12 days later skin biopsies were taken and examined microscopically. A biological response to LR2412 was observed in every case and fibrillin had been restored in treated areas compared to untreated areas. It was equal in effectiveness to retinol.

‘The data is clinically convincing, we were impressed with what we saw. We can also say that it is absolutely safe.’ – Pr. Chris Griffiths, University of Manchester

VISIONNAIRE (LR 2412) is an innovative, customized formulation developed around the specific qualities of LR 2412, so as to display all of it’s effectiveness and optimise its global performance. From application, the skin feels transformed, envoloped in a luxurious sensation; skin appears soft, silky and supple.
                                                How to Wear…
Visionnaire (LR 2412) can be used on all skin types, including sensitive skin and on the eye contour, and worn all year round. For maximum benefit, use at night. VISIONNAIRE (LR 2412) heralds the dawn of the new serum with multi tasking ‘beauty’ effect.
                       This is true innovation in the cosmetics industry!’

Visionnaire by Lancome Paris has arrived at all Sam McCauley Chemists for €70. To find your nearest Sam McCauleys click here.


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